About Us

slider 1BetaAs a FAIR TRADE enterprise, which is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and its regional chapter COFTA (Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa), we follow in all our activities the principles of the FAIR TRADE movement. 

PRESCRAFT produces all its articles in its own production centers or with home producers. We guarantee our producers a fair and just income and we promote the crafts industry in the Grasslands of Cameroon. At present over 150 men and women are directly benefitting from our activities.

PRESCRAFT is a development project of the Presbyterian Church (PCC) in Cameroon.

The PCC has a deep understanding of the Christian faith through the proclamation of the gospel. This is expressed by many forms of activities of church life in the congregations and institutions in the fields of theology, development, health, education and charity work for the society.

Its involvement in questions concerning economics and politics is a manifestation for the PCC‘s quest for justice and equal rights for every Cameroonian citizen.

The same principles are also guiding PRESCRAFT’S activities.

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