slider Beta 6Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter’s village. With the pottery center of PRESCRAFT the traditional potters are encouraged to carry on with their traditional trade.

In order to widen the range of its products, new techniques were introduced such as the potter’s wheel, glazing and wooden kiln firing.

Designers from Europe help the potters to develop new and exciting designs.

Since PRESCRAFT is committed to a sustainable enviroment, PRESPOT is keeping up a fuel plantation and running a reforestation program with the farmers in the village area. (Funded by Mission21, Switzerland)

The center consists of the following work force:

28 Trained potters (piece workers)

8 Workers in Tile and Brick production (contracted laborers)

5 Workers in clay production and reforestation (contracted laborers, including 1 blind worker)

10 Seasonal workers in clay production and reforestation

6 Laborers in administration and organization

30 Home producers (traditional pottery, basket weaving, raffia weaving)